Reliance SIP + Insure

Reliance SIP Insure (Systematic Investment Plan) facility is an add on feature of life insurance cover under Group Term Insurance to individual investors opting for SIP in the designated schemes.

It helps to encourage individual investors to save & invest regularly through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and help achieve their financial objective without any hindrance

What is the Facility?

  • Reliance SIP Insure provides free life insurance cover to investors at no extra cost. In the unfortunate event of the demise of an investor during the tenure of the SIP, the insurance company will pay for the sum assured as per the terms and conditions of the facility.

  • Thus, the nominee* would be able to continue in the scheme without having to make any further contribution. Investor’s long term financial planning and objective of investing through SIP could still be fulfilled as per the targeted time horizon, even if he/she dies prematurely.

Reliance SIP Insure- Benefits to the investor

**The benefit of Long Term Equity Investment

  • Equities provide relatively better returns among all asset classes over a longer period of time

**The benefit of Systematic Investment Plan:

  • Inculcates Savings Habit

  • Rupee Cost Averaging & Eliminates the need to time the market

**Free Life Insurance Cover

  • Helps to complete the planned investments

  • Maturity Proceeds at NAV based prices


  • Wide choice of eligible schemes


  • Auto Debit from 4 banks namely ICICI bank, HDFC bank, AXIS bank & HSBC

  • ECS facility across – 65 locations

*Nominee account would mean nominee in case of single holding & second or joint holder in case of Joint Holding

Designated Schemes in which Reliance SIP Insure will be offered

  • Reliance Growth Fund - Retail Plan

  • Reliance Vision Fund - Retail Plan

  • Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan

  • Reliance Equity Fund - Retail Plan

  • Reliance Equity Advantage Fund- Retail Plan

  • Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity option

  • Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Balanced option

  • Reliance Banking Fund

  • Reliance Pharma Fund

  • Reliance Media & Entertainment Fund

  • Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund – Retail Plan

  • Reliance Natural Resources Fund

  • Reliance Quant Plus Fund – Retail Plan

  • Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund

Amount of Life Insurance Cover Available:

Under Reliance SIP Insure, the investors are provided life insurance cover without any extra cost under a Group Term Insurance scheme.

The Life Insurance Cover under ‘SIP Insure’ facility will be enhanced as per the following clauses;

  • In the event of death of unit holder within the 1st two years of the commencement of the insurance cover: An amount equivalent to the aggregate balance of unpaid SIP instalments, subject to a maximum of Rs.10 lakhs per investor across all schemes / plans and folios.

  • In the event of death of the unit holder after completion of 2 years (i.e. w.e.f. commencement of 3rd year onwards): An amount equivalent to two times the targeted SIP contribution (committed at the time of registration) i.e. Number of SIP Instalments enrolled for X Amount of Instalment X 2, subject to a maximum of Rs.10 lakhs per investor across all schemes / plans and folios.

The amount of life insurance cover shall be invested in the Nominee’s account in the same scheme* under which the deceased investor has enrolled for SIP Insure at the applicable price based on the closing NAV on the date on which the cheque for insurance claim settlement is received by the AMC from the insurance company, subject to completion of requisite procedure for transmission of units in favour of the nominee.

* Not applicable for Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund. Investors are requested to note that there will be a lock - in period of 3 years for each SIP Insure installment under ‘Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund’ as per the Government Notification of 2005 and in the event of demise of the unitholder, the nominee would be able to withdraw the investment amount only after the completion of one year from the date of allotment of the units or anytime thereafter without any exit load. The insurance amount as per the above clauses a) and b) subject to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs in a lumpsum in cash will be paid to the nominee in case of death of the unitholder (unlike other schemes, wherein the insurance amount will be compulsorily invested in the respective scheme and the nominee is allotted the units.)

Thus, the amount of free life insurance cover could go upto 360 times of the monthly SIP installment depending upon the enrolled SIP tenure.


  • All individual investors enrolling for investments via SIP & opting for ‘Reliance SIP Insure’

  • Only individual investors whose completed age is greater than 20 years and less than 46 years at the time of investment.

  • In case of multiple holders in the any scheme, only the first unit holder will be eligible for the insurance cover.

Investment Details

  • Minimum Investment per installment: Rs.1000 per month & in multiples of Re 1 thereafter. (Except for Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund where it is Rs 1000 p.m and in multiples of Rs 500 thereafter). There is no upper limit.

  • Minimum Period of Contribution: 3 years and in multiples of 1 year thereafter.

  • Maximum Period of Contribution: 15 years OR till attaining 55 years of age, whichever is earlier (e.g., a person can register an SIP of maximum 10 yrs at the age of 45 yrs.) The insurance cover ceases when the investor attains 55 years of age.

  • Mode of payment of SIP installments is only through Direct Debit & ECS ( Post Dated Cheques shall not be accepted )

Reliance SIP Insure – How does this work?

  • An investor does a monthly SIP of Rs.5,000 for 5 years in Reliance Growth Fund

  • If he dies after a period of 3 yrs, then his Sum Assured= Number of SIP Instalments enrolled for X Amount of Instalment X 2 = 60 X 5,000 X 2 = Rs 3 lacs X 2 = Rs 6,00,000

This amount will be paid by life insurance company to SIP investor’s nominee account* with Reliance Mutual Fund and will be invested in Reliance Growth Fund (in the same scheme in which the deceased has earlier invested)

Commencement of Insurance Cover: The Insurance cover shall commence after “waiting period” of 90 days from the commencement of SIP installments. However, the waiting period will not be applicable in respect of accidental deaths.

*Nominee account would mean nominee in case of single holding & second or joint holder in case of Joint Holding

Cessation of Insurance Cover:

The insurance cover shall cease upon occurrence of any of the following:

  • At the end of mandated Reliance SIP Insure tenure. i.e., upon completion of payment of all the monthly installments as registered.

  • Discontinuation SIP installments midway by the investor i.e., before completing the opted SIP tenure /installments.

  • Redemption / switch-out of units purchased under Reliance SIP Insure before completion the mandated SIP tenure / installments

  • In case of default in payment of two consecutive monthly SIP installments or four separate occasions of such defaults during the tenure of the SIP duration chosen.

Note -There is no provision for revival of insurance cover, once the insurance cover ceases as stated above

Exclusions for Insurance cover

No insurance cover shall be admissible in respect of death of the SIP-Insure unitholder (the insured person) on account of -

  • Death due to suicide

  • Death within 90 days from the commencement of SIP installments except for death due to accident

  • Death due to pre-existing illness, disease(s) or accident which has occurred prior to the start of cover.

Load Structure

  • The Entry Load under Reliance SIP Insure shall be same as applicable to normal purchase /additional purchase transactions in the respective designated schemes

  • However, there will an Exit Load of 2%, if the accumulated units acquired or allotted under Reliance SIP Insure are redeemed or switched out to another scheme before the maturity of SIP tenure as opted in the respective scheme either by the SIP-Insure unitholder or by the nominee*, as the case may be.


  • In the event of the death of the investor before completion of SIP Insure Tenure, in case of any contingency there is an option with the nominee* to redeem the amount by paying an exit load of 2% on the repurchase units.

  • However, if the units are redeemed on completing the opted SIP tenure, there will not be any exit load in the respective scheme.

*Nominee account would mean nominee in case of single holding & second or joint holder in case of Joint Holding
The insurance cover for the above schemes is being arranged by the AMC through “Reliance Group Term Insurance Scheme” of Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited. The cost of the insurance premia shall be borne by the AMC.
Free life insurance cover provided as a part of an add on feature called as ‘Reliance SIP Insure’ is arranged and funded by Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited through “Reliance Group Term Insurance Scheme” of Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited.
During the first 2 years of coverage, the sum assured will be limited to the sum of the outstanding SIP instalments from the date of death to be payable in lump sum, subject to a maximum of INR 10 Lakhs. From the third year onwards, the sum assured will be a flat cover equivalent to twice the initial sum assured (i.e., monthly SIP instalment * SIP period in months), subject to a maximum of INR 10 Lakhs. Subject to Conditions.

Source : Reliance Mutual Fund website.

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